Trader In Me
The Ultimate Program to become a Professional Trader/Investor

Being a professional Trader/Investor is not only about learning the tools & techniques but also about going through personal transformation. It is not WHAT YOU DO but WHAT YOU ARE. It is not about having money but about being wealthy. By being wealthy, we not only mean an abundance of money but also an abundance of time, health, love, relationships and happiness.

We believe that the profession of Trading/Investing carries with itself tremendous benefits, some of which are listed below –
  1. Being a Trader/Investor entitles one to enjoy complete freedom of time with flexible working hours so that you can work any part of the day.
  2. The profession of Trading/Investing gives you freedom of location. You can trade from any part of the world.
  3. Universal approach of Technical Analysis helps you trade
    1. any asset class – stocks, commodities or forex
    2. any market - local or global
    3. any trend – upward, downward or sideways
  4. Anyone can adopt this profession since it does not require a prior background in stocks / finance.

Trader In Me is an initiative to create professional Traders/Investors who can enjoy all the above benefits. It is an 12-month program. The mission of the program is complete life transformation via Trading/Investing.

Trader In Me is structured in two levels.

Level 1 - Personal Transformation

This Part focuses on psychological conditioning. We believe the cultural environment that one comes from is drastically different from the market environment. Hence the need for psychological conditioning of the mind and a change in one’s lifestyle before embarking upon the Trading/Investing journey. Level 1 is characterized by intense coaching along with exercises for application of the lessons in one’s life.

Objectives of Level 1 –
  1. Complete personal transformation through a series of sessions, assignments & group work.
  2. Preparing and molding your mind-set to take on Trading/Investing.

We do not recommend students to trade during level 1 of the program.

Level 2 - Trading/Investing Transformation

This Level introduces you to the technical aspect of Trading/Investing.

Eligibility for Level 2 of the program –

  1. Successful completion of Level 1
  2. Mentors' approval

Structure of Level 2 –

Training Phase

The Training Phase is systematically built up over 5 steps -

Step 1

Trading/Investing is a business and every business needs a plan. In this step the students would be designing a business plan as per their Trading/Investing capital and Trading/Investing goals.

Step 2

We take you through the technical analysis curriculum beginning from the basics to the advanced concepts to Options Strategies.

Step 3

You will discover different Trading/Investing strategies. These include trend following strategies, momentum Trading/Investing strategies, short term Trading/Investing strategies and options Trading/Investing strategies.

Step 4

In this level we work on money management, where you will be guided on the optimal position size for a trade, how to limit drawdown and how to scale up & scale down.

Step 5

We will look into the right Trading/Investing mindset. We work on your discipline, temperament, decision making skills and such other factors that will help you stick to your Trading/Investing plan.

Trading/Investing Phase

With the commencement of this phase, you will begin applying the strategies in your Trading/Investing account. We will monitor your trades and guide you wherever appropriate for corrective action. There will be periodic reviews through one-to-one sessions. These reviews will help us guide you on your Trading/Investing performance, temperament and Trading/Investing journals.

You can successfully embark on the Trading/Investing journey once you complete both the phases and clear all the levels to the satisfaction of the Mentors.

Expectations from the students –

  1. Belief
  2. Time
  3. Effort
  4. Financial commitment

Real Value of Trader In Me –

  1. Complete personal transformation
  2. Complete knowhow of technical analysis tools & indicators with a simplistic approach
  3. Thorough knowledge of system designing & Trading/Investing
  4. Complete knowledge of Risk Management
    The major value of the program consists of Mentor’s personal guidance on –
    1. Psychological aspects
    2. Preparing a business plan
    3. Designing Trading/Investing systems & set-ups
    4. Maintaining Trading/Investing journal & error journal
    5. Monthly & Quarterly progress updates

Accountability –

Once you enroll for Trader In Me, you commit to a significant investment of your time and money. Your results from the program shall directly depend on your commitment to the program. Based on our past experience, we have observed that students, who are completely coachable, committed and have a strong belief in the program achieve greater results as compared to others who don’t. Therefore, you are responsible for the results you achieve during and after the program.

Attendance –

Trader In Me is a rigorous program which involves submitting assignments on a regular basis. Students are expected to attend all sessions and complete all assignments within the given timelines. The stipulated duration of the program is 12 months, which shall not be extended for any student, except on medical grounds. If for any reason, should a student wish to extend the program beyond the stipulated period, it will entail additional fees.

Refund –

Malkansview provides no refunds and no guarantees for results from Trader In Me. We believe that if you have decided to enroll for the program, you would have done so after knowing the value that we deliver at our training institute. Generally people enroll for this program after having attended our seminars and webinars. Also, Trader In Me is only for those who are thoroughly committed to become a professional Trader/Investor. We assume that committing to Trader In Me will not put you under any kind of financial or emotional stress. Should there be any such stress or should you have any doubt about the refund of the fees paid, then probably Trader In Me is not the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join Trader In Me?

The program is not meant for everyone. The two most important criteria for enrolling into this program are – receptivity to what is taught and ability to do challenging work.
You need to be receptive to the ideas and the way of thinking that we try to imbibe in you during the program. If you are not receptive to what we teach in the program, then the program will not be a good fit for you.
The program is a lot of work and some of it is very, very challenging. We look for total commitment. Totally committed people seem to always reach their objectives regardless of obstacles. You must believe that you are totally responsible for your Trading/Investing results and be eager to work on yourself.

Can I do Trader In Me if I live outside Mumbai / India?

We do have students from across the country presently. All sessions of the program can be attended online. Though, we would recommend outstation students to make it in person for live events at least twice a year.

I do not have any previous knowledge of finance / stock markets. Can I still enroll for the program?

We have had students from all walks of life – lawyers, engineers, doctors, IT professionals, marketing professionals – and have trained them to become professional Traders/Investors. Prior background of finance is not a pre-requisite to undergo the training to become a professional Trader/Investor. The program begins from the basics and then moves on to the advanced concepts. An open mind and the willingness to do the work is all this required.

What is the main objective of Trader In Me?

The ultimate objective of the program is to create freedom of time and money for the students. As each skill set of a Trader/Investor is based on his/her mental conditioning and behavioral pattern, we give tremendous importance to and lay ample focus on the psychological transformation of each student. This is done through a series of sessions and assignments. Students have experienced some major breakthroughs while undergoing this part of coaching.

What could the most common barrier in the program be?

The program is highly intensive in terms of working on one’s personal transformation aspects. Many are not willing to work through one’s roadblocks. And thus, they could take years of working on their own to do what could be done in a few months with a coach and a structured program. If a student faces psychological hindrances, then they won’t progress until they break through the resistance they are experiencing. The most common obstacle to progress is people trying to escape by resisting certain issues rather than being willing to feel certain feelings and go through whatever comes up for them.

Why is the program structured in a manner that the students are recommended to not study the technical part first?

We want you to first focus on the most important things first. We believe good Trading/Investing is all about having the right mindset. If you are truly committed to becoming a successful Trader/Investor in every sense of the term and achieve the freedom of time and money, then you have to do your psychological work first.
Doing systems work or Trading/Investing before you are psychologically ready means you will take more time to achieve your goal of successful Trading/Investing. Elimination of previous biases is the first step to be taken before working on systems and strategies.

What kind of money do I need to enroll for Trader In Me?

We recommend sufficient amount of Trading/Investing capital for you to comfortably enroll into the program. This is apart from the program fees. By “sufficient capital” we mean the amount which the student is comfortable deploying and which does not affect his/her mental stability, physical health and social well-being.
If you have Rs. 10 lacs or more to trade, then this program can make a lot of sense.

If I am interested in pursuing Trader In Me, what do I need to do?

We recommend you to attend any of our live seminars. These are usually conducted across various cities in India. You can utilize the registration offers at these events to apply for the program.
The first step to applying for the program (whether through an event or otherwise) is to complete the program questionnaire. We look for the depth of your commitment, the strength of your discipline, and your willingness to do the psychological work that ensures your success in this program. In addition, the program should make financial sense for you.
If you meet the entry criteria and you are ready to start, we begin the program with the first week of the coming month.

What if I have more questions, can I just email them to you?

All your questions, doubts and queries can be answered at any of our live events.

Testimonials by Mentor Students
Riya Shah,
Medical Underwriter
Asmita Patel
Mentor Student
Payal Jain
Marketing Professional
Tapan Bhatia
Trader, Investor
Akash Parikh
CFA Student
Asmita Patel
MBA Student
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