Your Outstanding Year Ever
Success Blueprint for 2018
Another New Year is round the corner. As is the case with each passing year, we begin the year by setting up humungous goals in all areas of life. As we progress through each quarter most of our goals fizzle out under daily routines and challenges, thus pushing us back to mediocrity. The same has happened to me for several years before I learnt from the Best in World, a method that helped me to be on track and achieve all my goals set at the beginning of the year. All my Mentors and Coaches Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Blair Singer, Gerry Robert, Brendon Burchard, T Harv Eker, Robert Riyopal to name a few, helped me create a major transformation of my Mindset, Fitness, Finances, Confidence, Productivity, Life Balance and Impact. As a Coach, I am obliged to pass on the same to my fellow beings, and thus help them achieve their true potential.
Here is your opportunity to take control of your Goals for the coming year. In the upcoming one-day program you will learn -
  1. 5-Step process to achieve your Big 5 for 2018.
  2. 4 ways to overcome Roadblocks.
  3. 3 Habits to make 2018 Epic.
These learning have helped people to positively shift every area of their life. Enroll for this program and discover how this process helps you succeed farther, faster and smoother to help you reach your next level of transformation.
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Venue & Dates
The Club
197, D. N. Nagar, Andheri (W) Mumbai - 400 053
January 2018
CD Available for 2017 Program.
Price - Rs. 2,400/-