Money Flow Trader
4th & 5th October, 2018
Regular Income with Short Term Trading
The stock market is flooded with unlimited opportunities on a daily basis. With just a few trading techniques, one can take advantage of these opportunities and generate a regular money flow. At Malkansview, we believe that there are two kinds of trades - one which runs your home (money flow) and the other which builds your home (Millionaire Trader). As a professional trader, one needs to have both the skills in one’s armor.
At the Money Flow Trader, here are just the few of the things you will learn -
  1. How to take low risk-high reward trades by applying Fibonacci ratios. These ratios, which have universal applicability, are equally powerful in trading using Technical Analysis.
  2. Unconventional usage of one of the simplest tool of Technical Analysis – Trendlines and Trend Channels. These enable one to identify high probability trade set-ups.
  3. Combination of the West (price patterns) and East (candle patterns) produces some of the most powerful trade setups for short term trading to generate money flow.
And much more!
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Venue & Dates
The Club
197, D. N. Nagar, Andheri (W) Mumbai - 400 053
4th & 5th October, 2018
Regular Investment
Rs. 1,90,000/- (inclusive of tax)