Mr. Vishal B Malkan is a researcher, analyst, author and a trainer in the field of Technical Analysis. I myself had an opportunity to hear him and I have found him very thorough and eloquent in what he does.

Dr. Jatin Pancholi

Faculty, Middlesex University, UK

Prof. Vishal is such a young and aspiring faculty that all participants of the batch were highly pleased with his teaching style and pedagogy of imparting knowledge.
All his sessions were very informative and full of insight.
His teaching style is highly impressive and full of student-faculty interaction which makes the programme all the more interesting. Participants are highly pleased and look forward to more such programmes at PERF India!

Mr. Neel Shastri
Hon. Director, PERF India Institute of Management

I had joined the Advance course conducted by Vishal. It is an excellent experience. I learnt about many unknown aspects about which we need to be aware after our basic course.
The best part was that we also discussed in the course about many stocks based on our new learning, which helped me gain profit in market.

Jatin Rambhia
Equity Advisor, Reliance Money

I would like to share my personal experience with you. I have done the Basic Course on Technical Analysis with Vishal B Malkan. This combined with continuous charting, reading and attending the Advance Course on Technical Analysis with him helped me understand and grasp the concepts faster and cement my knowledge learned during Basic Course. All this has helped me to sharpen my trading skills.

I hope we keep our enthusiasm high as was evident in Vishal’s classroom and decide to take his advice seriously.

Bhavin Shah
Technical Analyst, Chart Advice

I got to know about Vishal sir through a friend of mine. I then decided to do the course on Advance Technical Analysis with him. This took me deeper into the subject. The only difference in the few courses I had attended before and the one with Vishal sir was motivation to learn the subject. The confidence I gathered here was good enough to make me realize that I am headed in the right direction as a career option.
I have also done course on Investment Psychology with Vishal sir. This helped me realize that learning Technical Analysis is important but being psychologically stable on the field wins half the battle.
I whole heartedly thank him for making my career and life financially and socially independent.
Abhay Bhatia

It was pleasure learning under Mr. Vishal B Malkan. Thank you for all the valuable knowledge.
Manish Shirsat

Your programs were a great learning experience for me. After spending time with you on both courses I have realized how wrongly I was trading in this market. But after these courses market will never be same for me, you have changed my vision to look at the markets.
In technical term you have ignited a candle in this dark market. There will always be some light of these candles to move forward.
Thanks for all the experience which you have shared with me and skills which you have developed through these years, you are an institution in itself, and yes for all those books you have provided.
Once again thanks for everything.

Kunal Kamne

I had attended Vishal's elementary Technical Analysis classes in May 2009. The course was very good and Vishal's teaching skills are excellent. It gave me very good knowledge of Technical Analysis and I am using it profitably in selecting my stocks now for trading.

Vaibhav Panchal
Bank of America

Gives you a complete understanding of the markets, one of the best courses I have ever attended. A must recommended Basic course for all who want to make it big in the stock markets. Live examples on charts , good personal Coaching by Mr.Vishal & a total value for money course.

Yuvraj Tennison  (Senior Analyst)
Nomura Services India Pvt. Ltd

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